When it comes to buying or selling a two-wheeler in Kerala, it is essential to have a sale agreement in place. A sales agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale transaction between the buyer and the seller. It is necessary to create a sale agreement to protect both the buyer and the seller from any future disputes or misunderstandings.

If you are looking for a two-wheeler sale agreement format in Malayalam, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Start with the basic details: The agreement should begin with the basic details of the parties involved, including their names, addresses, and contact information. You should also mention the make, model, and registration number of the two-wheeler that is being sold.

2. Mention the price and payment terms: The sale agreement should clearly mention the price of the two-wheeler and the payment terms agreed upon by both parties. You should also mention the date on which the payment will be made, and how it will be made (cash, cheque, online transfer, etc.).

3. Outline the delivery terms: The agreement should mention the date on which the two-wheeler will be delivered to the buyer, and the location where the delivery will take place. It is necessary to ensure that the two-wheeler is in good condition and all necessary documents are provided to the buyer.

4. Include warranty and liability clauses: The agreement should clearly specify the warranty details and any liabilities that may arise from the sale of the two-wheeler. This will help avoid any future disputes between the buyer and the seller.

5. Have two copies of the agreement: Once the agreement is drafted, it is essential to have two copies of the document, one for the buyer and the other for the seller. Both parties should sign and date the agreement in the presence of witnesses.

In conclusion, having a two-wheeler sale agreement in place is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction between the buyer and the seller. Make sure to follow the above guidelines while drafting the agreement to protect yourself from any future disputes.